Price: $75

Seller: robin
State: New York
City: Beaver Falls
Zip code: 15010
Type: Animals

4' tall 3' wide 2' deep, black 1" bar spacing the only problem it has is 1 wheel needs tightened on,my husband is going to fix that. with the right tools and knowhow that could be fixed, but not by me. It has 3 width wide dowel rod perches, the concrete perch in it needs thrown away-- I do have a new one if you want it fit on the bar. my husband bolted the old one on. I bought 2 ceramic bowls for their food and water, they aren't shown in my pic. a pick up will be needed to get this home If you live close enough I have it on my front porch where it can be seen and check that front leg, just email me so I know to expect anyone, the leg is going to be fixed up its well worth $75.00 you could even saw them off and put it on a table. its heavy and solid. I rate it a 5 for condition, bad leg or not. Contact me at annico
my husband is going to FIX the wheel so it stays on the leg. there is a little rust on the leg bottoms, inside where it isn't seen. All 4 wheels are on and roll easily. the rest of the cage is in pretty good condition.