Price: $125

Seller: robin
State: New York
City: Beaver Falls
Zip code: 15010
Type: Animals

this is for 2 pairs of conures. with the wheels included would prefer black also. I can't go shopping for myself, so I'll try to buy a used, must have dishes, and perches with it. $125.00 and bring it to me in beaver falls pa. I don't have a pic for you to include. i , the size is 32" long 21" wide, 74" high with 1/2" bar spacing. or a 30" long,21" wide, and 72" tall a couple inches shorter. for the white one---- I'll buy for $125.00.
either of them. I'm including a pic of a breeder double flight cage I found, remember its a pic of a new one--- I want used in good condition. I like the black one the best, the measurements for it is 62" high x64" length x 21" wide, inside height is 35" $125.00 for one close to this. I looked up the price for a new ones, $125.00 is near half, good for a used one.please contact me by my email for either one, all dishes/perches/ dividers ,must be included with it. Please contact me by my email. The black one is my favorite. Thank You. The white one is a upright one, I don't care which, but I really want the type of the black one., it can even be shorter in length a little.