Price: $25

Seller: robin
State: New York
City: Beaver Falls
Zip code: 15010
Type: Animals

I have to get pics yet, their all in very good condition, I need a large size cage on the order of my pic supplied.
either type-- any color. The gray one is a little hard to see, but I think you can see well enough. The canary cage is approx. 16" by 20", and is mauve in color, 1 of the medium cages is 20" by 15" the other approx 17" by 21" high both black the tall one is suitable for a pair of canaries/ parakeets, the other- I'd only use as a temporary cage or a hospital cage. as soon as I get pics, I'll post them. the gray or black cage below is what I want to trade all 3 for. If you have the bigger one, black, that has a large door in front you get all 3 cages and I'll pay $25.00 extra for it. If you want to buy my 3 cages seperately, the mediums are $30.00 each, the canary cage is $25.00, the 20" by 15" would make a great carrier or hamster cage. Their all in good shape.