Price: $175

Seller: robin
State: New York
City: Beaver Falls
Zip code: 15010
Type: Animals

I'll give them or a very good home, wanting for a pair of turquoise I need only for you to bring them to me. no cage or toys or food is needed, the reason your rehoming is your own, I have 2 other pair of conures and should anything happen to me-- I've made arrangements for their care with much younger relatives that are also very reliable. my conures are all 2 year old green cheeks-- 2 pairs of them. The 2 green cheeks shown together are both males. I just wanted to show them, I didn't take their pics, but thats what they look like, and they AREN'T FOR SALE. I need a pair so they won't fight for mates with my pairs since their paired up already. I would like to keep whatever names have been given to them. Please send me a pic if you have a pair for me. Payment is in cash. I want 1 pair of green turquoise I own the 2 green cheeks. the other pic is of turquoise I found on the net hope the turquoise I buy have nicer feathers, the $175.00 includes bringing them to me in beaver falls.
health is the most important. I live in beaver falls pa.
they aren't for re-sale. the next to last pic is what I'm looking for.
SHIPPING OR DELIVERY AGENCIES, I won't deal with you. This is cash only when they get here. I really want a pair of the turquoise for $175.00. male /female pair not a pair of 2 males.
I own the last pair in the last pic. its from their breeder when I was buying them. I wouldn't mind paying $175.00 for a pair of suns either. but just 1 pair OR the other, not by email please.