Price: $100

Seller: robin
State: New York
City: Beaver Falls
Zip code: 15010
Type: Animals

He can be any mutation of green cheek. by baby- I mean 5-10 months, but a male because I have 2 young males here and don't want to breed. I can only promise a good home. He is not for re-sale. I don't need a cage or any toys/food, I have all thats needed, except, I DO need him brought to me---- I live in Beaver Falls Pa. I've already checked my local humane societies. they never get any in. I'm open to adopt from them, but I can't travel to any pet seminar classes, and thats 1 of their requirements-- so thats out. Same with ad partners---- pet finders , just friendly. Health is the most important. I will NOT use a delivery Agency to send money before getting my conure, wasn't born yesterday!! ABSOLUTELY NO OUT OF THE U.S. BIRD CONSIDERED. I included pics of my 2 males provided to me from their breeder before I bought them-- I didn't take the pic, and their NOT for sale. the pic with 1 on it is my yellow sided. they was very young in these pics. would rather not have a sun conure, very partial to the green cheeks. CASH ON DELIVERY. $100.00 to buy a nice 5-10 month old male, and bring him to me.$100.00 tame and friendly.