Price: $30

Seller: robin
State: New York
City: Beaver Falls
Zip code: 15010
Type: Animals

no english budgie, all of my parakeets are american parakeets and all turned a year old as of 12/05/. just bring her to me in Pa. by this time next month. that will give the big flight cage I ordered plenty of time to get here after the Christmas tie up. I want a nice chirping singing female, she doesn't need banded. Semi-tame is okay. all mine aren't banded and are only semi-tame. they get 2 hours of free flight time every day and have learned to return to their cage, unless I let them out more than twice in the day. With 2 small breed dogs here - thats dangerous and my husband is on all different kinds of shifts, so 2 times is all they get  2 times out for 1 hour each for their safety, if they get out for a third time they don't come back. They only get 1 hour early in the morning and 1 hour after lunch. and everything works out okay.the second time they get out is worked around whatever shift hubby is on. $30.00 for her. mine DO NOT HAVE THEIR WINGS CLIPPED EITHER .So they fly like they should normally, which also makes it impossible for me to chase them down. I use Hagens tropimix and tropican seed mix along with zupreme finch or canary natural pellet seed 60% pellet and40% seed I mix up myself. and they get 1 dish at  night of fresh mushed up fruit and veggies a day too. mine hates peas but goes crazy over spinach and broccolil tops. contact me by email if you have any questions at all. I'm home a lot,except for doctor appointments, or blood work day. I never get to my cell phone before it goes to voice mail and people forget to leave their name AND phone number. So email is the best way. I have several names but no way to call them back.